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Djoing, June 27th, 2010, 3:30 pm


Something this chapter lacked so far!

Advertisement, May 27th, 2018, 2:44 am


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Reader Comments:


out nowhere comes a Dragonslayer wizard and punches one of the imps

posted by Eternalstorm Blade on June 27th, 2010, 3:33 pm


Rosa: Prepare Fire Arrow
Nin: Summon Tigra
Nii: Toss some ninja stars at them.

posted by XP_Lulz on June 27th, 2010, 3:33 pm


Command: All: Totally kill them without mercy.
Nii: Sing the themesong whilst slaughtering.

posted by The_mad_one on June 27th, 2010, 3:34 pm


is that a lunar hill reference i see?
Command:Nii: Shout "PWNAGE TIME!" and slice a goblin in half. Then try again only to find out its an RPG type of battle.
Command:Rosa: FIRE your Arrow at the goblin and miss. you shot a duck but a random dog still laughs at you.
Command:Nin:you can control animals right? make that random dog attack the goblin Rosa missed.

posted by SnakeKing on June 27th, 2010, 5:14 pm


Skunk: Get startled and spray the trolls with you "special juice".

posted by StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777 on June 27th, 2010, 5:20 pm


Command: All dance and sing with the Imps!

posted by Velocity the Hedgehog on June 27th, 2010, 6:35 pm


I second Mad_one :3

posted by SolaratheHedgehog on June 27th, 2010, 7:26 pm


QUICK!!! USE NINJITSU!!! if not just second Velocity the Hedgehog.

posted by MEEP GOD on June 27th, 2010, 7:54 pm


Nin: Command Tigra to attack Imp 1
Nii: Attack Imp 2 with Katana- Imps are weak to blades.
Rosa: Begin to Shoot arrows at the Imp targeted by Tigra

posted by TiloXofXTanto on June 27th, 2010, 10:08 pm


They then spontaniously exlode confetti

posted by Apple on June 28th, 2010, 12:45 am

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